Deactivate a User

Updated by Sam McDougall

This short guide will go through how to Deactivate a User within the portal as a Tenancy Admin.

Deactivating an account will stop all sends to the user until re-activated. This includes Courses, Simulations, Reminders, and anything sent via OnDemand or a Journey. Additionally, the user will also lose the ability to log onto their portal while their account is deactivated.

Setting to Inactive

  1. Log in to the Boxphish Portal
  2. Select the Tenancy Tab on the left nav bar
  3. Select the 'Users' Tab
  4. Scroll down the page to the 'Existing Users' table
  5. Find the User you wish to Deactivate by either typing in the search bar or scrolling the table
  6. Once located, select the User settings button on the right of the user
  7. Click the slider on the right of the 'Active' row
  8. You will be prompted with a text box to confirm this
  9. Click OK
  10. The User is now Inactive and will appear in red on the user table
To Activate a User, simply repeat the above process.

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