Summary Tab

Updated by Sam McDougall

Select 'Reports' to access the Summary page.

you will be presented with 3 tabs, Summary, Simulations and Courses.

The summary tab provides high-level metrics, looking at your Risk Score, Active Users Enrolled, % fail rate on simulations, % courses completed and the average score on the assessments at the end of the courses. 


Current number of Active Users in your Tenancy

Risk score:

A gauge from 1 to 5, determining your current risk as an organisation based on your % of sims failed

For more information on how this is calculated, please click HERE

% Failed:

Number of Simulations clicked as raw value and as a percentage overall

% Completed Courses:

The number of courses completed against sent as a raw value and as a percentage overall

Average Score:

The average score of all courses taken in the tenancy

Historical Risk Score:

You can view a historical risk score via the graph at the bottom of the dashboard, this shows a summary and trailing Risk Score by month

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