Calendared Sends

Updated by Sam McDougall

This guide will take you through how to send via On-Demand using the calendar feature.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using either SSO or Email
  3. Click on the On-Demand on the left-hand side
  4. Section 1:
    1. Select the dropdown field
    2. Choose either a course or simulation
  5. Section 2:
    1. Select the dropdown field
    2. Choose an option
    For simulation creation please click here
    1. Select the Schedule Simulation/Course toggle:
    1. Click the Schedule Date-Time feature
    2. Choose a date and time you would like the Send to be sent:
  6. Use the tabs in the bottom left of the page to select whether you would like these to go to a particular User, Location, Department or Group.
  7. Once Chosen, click the Fish Icon to send:
  1. A text box will appear to ask you to confirm the send. Click Okay if the information is correct.

You can view all your Calendared sends by clicking 'Scheduled Simulation/Courses'

Click Cancel at any time to abort the send

It is important to note that any Calendared Simulations/Courses will be aborted if the Tenancy is paused. Please cancel any sends prior to them going out if not wanted.

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