OnDemand Access Levels

Updated by Sam McDougall

Below is a short guide on how to enable an account to send to their Tenancy, department or location .


  1. Go to the Portal
  2. Go to Tenancy
  1. Go to Users
  1. Scroll down to Existing Users table and find the user you wish to assign
  1. Select the Cog next to the user
  1. Turn on On-Demand Access by double clicking the toggle
  2. Select either Tenancy, Department or Location in the dropdown
  3. Click Save

On-Demand access is now enabled for this user

You cannot assign access to a user without a Location or Department
Please be aware that 'Send Now' is currently the available option for users with this access
If you are looking to send through OnDemand please use this guide: https://boxphishsupport.helpdocs.io/article/tzcvecpf0c-using-the-on-demand-feature-to-send

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